graphic image that says "return to front porches. Be seen, not watched." Image shows two people sitting on a porch on one side, and a house with a green light, surveillance cameras, and barred windows on the other.

Green Chairs, Not Green Lights

Green Chairs, Not Green Lights is a counter-campaign to Project Green Light. It calls on us to return to our front porches and see each other. It takes seriously the need to end the conflation between surveillance and safety, and to move from watching each other to seeing each other. Through our collaborative research, we determined that governmental entities, law enforcement and organizations who create, organize, enforce, or innovate from a security or surveillance mindset, tend to make already marginalized community members less safe.

We launched this campaign in hopes that our neighbors all over Detroit and beyond will return to their front porches and look out for one another. That we all look out of our windows and see our children as they play in our neighborhoods, and our elders as they return to their homes in the evenings, to ensure their safety. We know that resourced and involved communities tend to be safer. Let us lean towards one another, divest from harmful surveillance technologies and invest in our communities. We hope you will join this campaign by returning to your front porches and looking out for each other again.

Look out for a Green Chairs, Not Green Lights event coming to a neighborhood near you.

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